Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Holy Gosh Damn! Your flub and chub woes SOLVED!

Okay ladies, you no longer have to look to the charming likes of Richard Simmons in order to work off your "my husbands got a girl friend" blubber. This new and exciting method is especially effective if you happen to enjoy getting your head blown off by molten-mega tracks. So everyone should come out and blow their head- AND nasty inner thigh fat off to the GOSH DAMN DJS! on Thursday night at Guelph's sexy Albion Hotel. I frequent the joint most Thursdays, and the results have been fantastic! I dropped 20 pounds & 6,000,000,000 brain cells in just 5 nights! If it worked for me, it can work for you. 

Soooo...I love Sebastian Tellier in an almost obsessive way, he kind of has that Frank Zappa chic (ha) thing going on that I just cant say no to. And I've also been trying to up my street cred, so thanks hoodinternet, this shit is a hundred million dolla gold. skanks. fuckin' skanks!

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